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HPJ Talk

Mar 28, 2019

Jennifer and Kylene have updates on the flooding recovery efforts out of the Midwest. The NE Department of Agriculture has a hotline set up for producers who need help, and for those with help to donate: 1-800-831-0550. And if you're moved to donate, visit or

John Duff from...

Mar 21, 2019

We spend this episode discussing what we know of the flooding across Nebraska and Iowa and how you can help those hit hardest by the water and ice.

Dave Bergmeier talks with Nebraska Cattlemen Executive Vice President Pete McClymont about what cattlemen are facing on the ground. 

To donate: NE Farm Bureau Disaster...

Mar 14, 2019

Jennifer and Kylene have a couple of bones to pick over the recent "elite" college admissions scandal and the President's proposed 2020 budget cuts to agriculture. 

Eddie Estes with the Western Kansas Manufacturers Association joins us to talk about the 3i Show March 21-23 in Dodge City and the special after party...

Mar 8, 2019

Jennifer and Kylene are back in the Dodge City studio this week with the trending topics from Commodity Classic. The two discuss "alternative meats" and just what this trend means for cattlemen. The ladies share their youthful memories of the late Luke Perry in his premiere role—Lane Frost in "8 Seconds." Jennifer...