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Mar 14, 2022

Today Christie Apple joins us on Soil Solutions to discuss the importance of soil health and regenerative ag education, how your decisions impact your operation's soil, and her thoughts about water infiltration, cover crops, and crop diversity.

Christie Apple, also known as 'CropScout Christie' on social media platforms, has been serving the agricultural community for the past 13 years. Leaning deeply on her customer service and communication skills, she's built her reputation as being an ag sales powerhouse with a heart to educate and engage folks both inside and outside of the agricultural universe. 


Although in her formative years, she predominantly worked with a traditional row crop region, she has widely expanded her consultative role into vineyards, orchards, hemp, and numerous other specialty crop scenarios. Having a particular interest in soil health since day 1 in the industry, Christie has expanded her agronomic expertise and coaching to farms as they set out on their journey to transition their farming operations to regenerative or organic practices. 


She's been engaging the public via social media for years sharing her adventures, and agronomy tid bits in the hopes of inspiring, educating and bringing light to other ways to farm. The past few years, she has also begun coaching and mentoring blossoming agronomists along their way to success, uncovering areas of professional development and emotional support for women looking to build a fulfilling career in ag.


Through her social media engagement, and mentoring, Christie has made it her mission to leverage her reach to encourage women to not just enter ag field, but to stay!